Monday, February 8, 2010


Jefferson County Young Democrats
-- Dynamic Donkeys!!
Serve Chili with Style at the 11th Annual
Chili Cook Off
Jefferson County Young Democrats served up some delicious "Buffalo Chicken Chili" to rave reviews while raising funds for the Jefferson County Volunteer Transportation Center. Kudos to the American Legion for hosting such a great event for worthy North Country causes. A terrific time was had by all; and all for a good cause.
The JCDC team was enthusiastically led by Erica Leonard, with great Young Democrat Team support from Dustin Nolan, Ashley Clark, Doug Osborne, Michelle Coulier and Jonathan Cole. serving up food and handing out balloons to all the kids.
Ron and Sandra Cole, Nancy Brown, John and Dane Burns, Matt Barbalich, Allan Drake and Chairman Sean Hennessey also helped with the cooking and set up. The festivities were kicked off by Ed Gaffney that read a speech from Senator Darrel Aubertine. Assemblyperson Addie Jenne-Russel, who supported our team made a great speech as well as ,

Ten Gallons of Buffalo Chicken Chili , (ala Mike Kinney from the Lake Ontario Playhouse), was produced -and it was all but gone by 1pm. The competition was fierce with strong Chili's from business and volunteer groups from across Jefferson County. One Chili cook off Judge and local television personality (who will remain nameless) expressed to the team how impressed he was with the chili. This was the JCDC's first time showing but it was such a rewarding team building experience that all involved were already planning next year's entry.

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