Friday, February 26, 2010

A Statement from Chairman Hennessey

The Jefferson County Democratic Committee is watching with great interest the news that Governor Paterson will not seek a new term as Governor. Though we are unable to comment on recent allegations without more information, domestic violence is a matter that must always be taken seriously.

This committee has been supportive of Governor Paterson's political career and the way he has overcome many difficult challenges. However, election year battling has taken its toll on Albany and we hope that the elected officials, that we have wisely voted to represent us, can resume work on the important issues facing the North Country in a better political atmosphere.

The Jefferson County Democratic Committee is focused on moving forward to assist our local candidates and officials in the upcoming election year; as our representatives are focused on passing a responsible budget that will help our region and this state to recover from the economic downturn and create jobs.

Sean Hennessey, Jefferson County Democratic Chairman

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