Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can You Identify This Democrat?

The Jefferson County Democratic Committee put out a request recently for memorabilia and many have responded. One of our Committee members from the City of Watertown, Mrs. Rosemary Burns, was kind enough to donate a picture of Bobby Kennedy when he visited Watertown. The people listed in the picture are: Robert Kennedy, John Galvin and Lowell Fitzsimmons. What we would like to know is who the lady at the front of the picture is. If any of our readers can identify this person please post it here or email us at:

Any memorabilia (ie buttons, lawn signs, pictures etc) that you might have would be appreciated. All we would like is for you to bring it to the Headquarters at 95 Public Square Rm 205 and have us scan them. The electronic files will then be attributed to you, catalogued and stored for future generations. Processing the items takes only a few minutes and you can then take your items home with you. Images captured will be stored indefinitely and will be a testament to all the hard work and dedication that you and your family have given to our Party and Community through out the years.

If you have anything you would like posted please drop us a email at or call our Head Quarters at (315) 785-3028.

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