Thursday, February 18, 2010

Assemblywoman Russell Speaks Out on Possible Closure


“A preliminary list of State Parks scheduled for closing this summer has crossed the desk of Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell. "I am very concerned that camping at a number of State Parks in the 118th Assembly district appears to have been targeted. Eel Weir, Keewaydin, Mary Island, Canoe Point and Cedar Island are on the list. I am also very worried about the impact that the closure of the Sackets Harbor Battlefield will have on our economy."
“These parks attract campers to our beautiful North country. They patronize local businesses and spend money here, money from outside of our region, state and Country. The economic impact of our local state parks is $63 Million annually. The loss of these parks will affect the bottom line of our small businesses, and cost us tourism jobs."
"Before it becomes final, this closure list deserves to be rethought. I have already met with local parks representatives, a Deputy Commission and have spoken with Commissioner Ash about how devastating the governor’s proposed cuts to parks will be to the North Country. I have advocated for our parks in conference to my colleagues and Assembly leadership. We need our parks and campgrounds more now than ever. They are affordable for our families, and sustain our local economy. It is bad policy to close facilities that generate revenue for the state."


  1. I do not see the cost savings by closing these parks. Just who is advising the governor? Addie, your right! This would be devastating to our local tourism driven economy all the way up and down the Seaway Trail.

  2. I could agree more JC, What good is it going to have? What positive effect will it have? NONE, Too often are we forgotten about you here. If its about NYC then it doesn't matter. Its time we stand up and fight, and Addie is the perfect person to do it for us. You go Addie!