Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Want Small Government? Vote Democrat

Big Government?

Obama Has 273,000 Fewer Federal Employees
Than Reagan
Don't believe? Look it up below

By Ray Medeiros
Politicus USA

Every single Republican today talks about being a Reagan conservative. This is a conservative that believes in small government, reducing federal spending and ultimately runs a lean and mean government. They talk about this stuff in campaigns, but in practice they failed miserably.

In fact HISTORICALLY, it is has been Democratic presidents who have reduced the size of the federal government. The Republicans have lied to the people so much that I believe the current crop somehow BELIEVES the history as they have been told, rather than researching the facts for themselves. This may be a stretch, but I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which tracks the number of employees per year, the data shows that the “conservatives” for small government are really just big government conservatives. I know that is an oxymoron, but numbers don’t lie.
Let’s start with President Carter.

On December 31st 1976 (Not Carter’s term yet), total nonmilitary personnel was 2,883,000. By December 31st 1980 the end of his term (minus a month), the total in nonmilitary personnel was 2,875,000.

Federal government nonmilitary employees shrunk by 8,000 employees under Carter.
On January 21st, 1981, President Reagan started with 2,875,000 nonmilitary federal employees.
By the end of Reagan’s terms the total number of nonmilitary federal employees was 3,113,000. That is an INCREASE of 238,000
Let’s move on to President George H.W. Bush.
On January 20th, 1989, total federal nonmilitary employment was 3,113,000
by the end of his only term, President George H.W. Bush had 3,083,000 federal nonmilitary employees on the books. That is a REDUCTION of 30,000 employees.

President Bill Clinton came into office with 3,083,000 and by the END of his TWO TERMS he reduced the number of Federal employees to 2,703,000. That is a reduction of 380,000 federal employees...

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Another Teamster organizing victory

in MA, NY, CA and IN

Teamsers announced that they have organizes thousand of new brothers and sisters at UPS Freight clerks today. By the members signing authorization cards they have now joined one of the Countries largest labor unions.

The press release sent out earlier today stated:

Majorities of clerks at Stoneham, Mass., signed cards to join Teamsters Local 25; Farmingdale, N.Y. clerks have joined Local 707; Rialto and Fontana, Calif., clerks have become members of Local 63 and Indianapolis clerks have joined Local 135. Clerks are also being signed up at more than 80 other terminals.

The clerks are full-time and part-time workers who see to it that freight dispatch, billings and operations run smoothly at UPS Freight terminals. They work side-by-side with Teamster drivers and dockworkers, where as former Overnite workers they saw the union's strength.

Brian Buhle, international vice president and secretary-treasurer of Local 135, in Indiana said,
There are some very excited clerks in Indianapolis who have been interested in joining the union since 2006, when the UPS Freight organizing drive began here.
Said Kevin McCaffrey, president of Teamsters Local 707 in New York,

The clerical workers in Long Island who signed cards and are now represented by the Teamsters are eager for more workers to sign cards, so we can get down to the business of negotiating a contract for them.

Welcome aboard!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New York Remembers...Comes to Watertown

Watertown NY
To House
"NY Remembers"
9/11 Exibit

Governor Cuomo has announced that the Dulles State Office Building in Watertown NY will be one of 30 sites housing artifacts from the "NY Remembers" exhibition. The exhibit will showcase relics from Ground Zero and various items connected with the 2001 attack. Governor Cuomo, in his support of this exhibit, has ensured we will never forget those lost on that tragic day.

The exhibitions will give New Yorkers a place to remember the victims of September 11th and honor the countless heroes who came from all corners of the state to help in the clean-up and recovery efforts. The exhibitions will feature historical artifacts from the collections of the State Museum and National September 11 Memorial & Museum.
Each location will open during the week of August 29th and continue until the end of September. All will be open on Sunday, September 11th.

Many of the artifacts being exhibited have never been seen by the public, including: the trailer used by families visiting Ground Zero that includes photographs and messages; damaged emergency vehicles and other vehicle parts; aluminum and glass from the buildings; religious "symbol steel" created by the workers at the site; and airplane fragments including landing gear and engine parts. The stories behind all the artifacts will be told as part of the exhibitions.

"Every community across New York felt the impact of the senseless acts of terrorism that claimed thousands of lives just one decade ago," Governor Cuomo said. "These exhibitions will give New Yorkers in towns, villages, and cities all across the state a gathering place to once again stand as one community to make sure we never forget those who lost their lives on September 11th and to embrace the spirit of unity that brought us together on that day of devastating tragedy."

CWA & IBEW Return to Work....Lets Keep Up the Pressure

Striking CWA And IBEW Workers Return To Work At Verizon

Maintaining Unity As They Seek New Contracts

By Doug Cunningham

Workers Independent News

[Danny Gutierrez]: "The battle continues and we will stay united until we get a fair contract. I want to thank all of my union brothers and sisters, both from land line and the wireless side, for their support in this fight. This is a true David and Goliath story being played out right now. Daid will once again win."

CWA Local 1101's Danny Gutierrez on the Verizon strike ending today. Striking Verizon workers return to work today under indefinite extensions of their existing collective bargaining agreements. Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen says the unity striking CWA and IBEW workers demonstrated in their two-week strike will continue along with continued union mobilization until a new collective bargaining agreement is won at Verizon.

[Cohen]: "That will go on. Not only until we have a decent contract but until working people feel like they can join a union - any union - and bargain with their head held high across this country. We should return united as much as we can, marching in together - literally - at the start of a shift. For now our unity will be to support the bargaining team and to show it. But if that process doesn't work in the weeks ahead, management absolutely knows that that unity will again be directed at them."

Cohen says the unions and working Americans everywhere need to build a new democracy movement to battle corporate power's assault on the middle class. Myles Calvey is IBEW Local 2222 Business Manager.

[Calvey]: "In good faith we've decided to have our members go back and see if we can least change the process. The process up to this point has been a hundred percent concessionary. And as we've explained to the company, even if we were crazy enough to come to a tentative agreement it would never be accepted by the membership, so it was a complete waste of time."
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Governor Cuomo Directs Flags To Half-Staff

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has directed that flags on state government buildings be flown at half-staff on Wednesday, August 24 in honor of a soldier from Kingston who died in Zabul, Afghanistan on August 19.

Army Private 1st Class Douglas L. Cordo died of injuries sustained when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He was a member of the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division based at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

"On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend my deepest sympathies to the friends, family, and fellow soldiers of Private First Class Cordo," Governor Cuomo said. "We will mourn the loss of this New York soldier and we will remember his dedication to our nation."

Governor Cuomo has directed that the flags on all state buildings be lowered to half-staff in honor of and in tribute to our state's service members and those stationed in New York who are killed in action or die in a combat zone.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stewart Prophesizes..

Commissioner Aubertine Announces Grant to Promote Local Foods

Federal Matching Grant Promotes

Local Foods Through

Beds and Breakfasts

ALBANY, NY (08/22/2011)(readMedia)-- A federal matching grant will boost local food producers and tourism by encouraging bed and breakfast operators to feature locally produced food and agricultural products. New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrel J. Aubertine announced the $73,824 grant awarded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP). New York is one of 19 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to receive 25 grants.

The Department will receive the grant in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, which will lead the two-year project, NOFA-NY, the Empire State B&B Association, Central New York Bounty, the New York Small Scale Food Processors Association and the University of Illinois Extension.

"This continues our efforts to boost locally produced food products in New York and to encourage agri-tourism," said Commissioner Aubertine. "This is another market channel for our local producers that will help them build their business."

"FSMIP provides our state partners with matching funds to explore new and innovative approaches to marketing U.S. food and agricultural products," said Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan. "USDA supports state and local projects ranging from research to retail to ensure that quality American products are marketed efficiently and effectively."

Steve Miller of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County said, "This is a great opportunity for New York producers to have visitors from outside the State, as well as New Yorkers, to be able to taste the high quality foods we have to offer and to be able to bring some of these back home with them. The project stands to benefit both the tourism and agriculture industries."

The program will encourage B&B operators to feature locally produced food and agricultural products in meals served to their guests, carry shelf stable local products such as jams, maple syrup and sauces, and to measure the economic impact on producers of sales made through this specialized marketing channel.

All producer organizations and B&B owners are encouraged to participate in the project which will begin this Fall. For more information on how to participate: contact Steve Miller at 315 684-3001 x127 or Jonathan Thomson at

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Judge Charles Merrell from Lowville, NY, a candidate for Supreme Court Justice in the 5th Judicial District, was the only candidate to receive the highest rating given by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission (“IJEQC”). Out of seven Supreme Court candidates in the 5th Judicial District rated by the IJEQC, Judge Merrell was the only candidate rated “highly qualified”. The other six candidates were all rated as “qualified”.

In a letter addressed to the Honorable Charles C. Merrell, the IJEQC stated, “after due consideration of your background and qualifications, the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission for the Fifth Judicial District has found that you are highly qualified for election as New York State Supreme Court Justice.”

The IJEQC Statement of Ethical Guidelines states, “Voters will have greater confidence in the judicial election process if they know that judicial candidates were screened by independent screening panels and found to possess the qualities necessary for effective judicial performance.”

"I’m honored to receive the highest rating given by the IJEQC for Supreme Court candidates in the 5th Judicial District,” Judge Merrell said. “As the only candidate in the race with full-time judicial experience, including acting Supreme Court Justice since 2007, I'm prepared to continue to serve the residents of my home county, and the entire 5th Judicial District, as State Supreme Court Justice.”

To see the IJEQC ratings for the 2011 Supreme Court candidates in the 5th Judicial District, visit HERE

Saturday, August 20, 2011




Need to keep up pressure is stressed

Members of Communication Workers of America (CWA) and their supporters have been walking a picket line here in the North Country and across the State for over two weeks.
Assemblywoman Addie Russell, Chairman Sean Hennessey, Legislative candidates Carl Disalvatore & Ron Cole ,County Legislator Allen Drake, former Jefferson County Treasurer Nancy Brown and members of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee have all been honored to help walk the line. Today some of our team was on hand when word came down the line that CWA members will be returning to work this Tuesday.

“To be on the line when this historic moment happened was something I'll never forget. When word came to the line and we saw the smiles on those sun drenched faces truly moved our team.” Jefferson County Democratic Chairman Sean Hennessey said.

“These hard working men and women have walked in pouring rain and 90 plus degree weather but never gave up hope. We’re overjoyed to hear that negotiations will be taking place and that those hard working members of CWA will return to work. We’re extremely thankful to have been given a chance to voice our concern for working class families across this region. There is still work to be done until a fair contract is in place.” He said.

Chairman Hennessey added “Considering their record profitability, we call on the leadership of Verizon Communications to negotiate a contract that recognizes their employees as their most valuable resource. “