Friday, January 15, 2010

Senator Aubertine Stands for Our Farming Community

Help Protect New York's Farms
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Now more than ever, New York State’s farm families need our attention.

Over the past 30 years, the number of farms in New York State has dropped from more than 48,000 in 1980, to just 36,352 in 2007. Extremely low milk prices, volatility in the credit market and foreign competition have since driven hundreds more out of business.

To put that in perspective: Every day over the past three decades in New York State, at least one farm has gone out of business—more than 400 every year.

Every day over the past thirty years, a family farm has stopped milking cows, stopped growing fruits and vegetables, stopped raising animals, and stopped contributing to our local and state economy.

Enough is enough.

This decline has taken its toll on Upstate New York’s rural communities. For too long, agriculture has been forgotten in discussions of economic development and taken for granted.
Join the New York State Senate Agriculture Committee in the fight to protect the working families who put food on our plates every day.

Show your support for paying farmers a fair price for their milk, improving our local farmers’ markets, promoting New York products, and preserving the ability of our farms to stay in business.

Please sign up and let your voice be heard. Agriculture must be a part of our economic future and New York State cannot afford to lose another industry by making it harder for our farms to survive this economic downturn.
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