Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Sheriff Burns!!!!

Take Time to Wish Sheriff Burns
a Happy Birthday!!!!
It came to our attention today that it's Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns (D) birthday today! We won't reveal Sheriff Burn's age... but lets say John is 30+ years old today. John has spent his career making sure that our roads, homes and businesses are kept safe and secure. Sheriff Burns is a highly respected County Wide official and his work on eradicating Methamphetamine from our County is truly commendable . He is an inspiration to all the officers that are on the road or working in the Corrections field. Sheriff Burn's work is one that is done quietly and with out much fanfare. If you see Sheriff Burns out and about please wish him a Happy Birthday and thank him for his dedication to his community!


  1. John and I went to I.H.C. together and graduated in 1978. I turned 50 in September 09. So I know he is not 51 or 49....

  2. Happy Birthday John.....btw do you hook up hot or cold water to the toilet?

  3. I saw John at the grocery store and I wish I would have known his birthday was coming up; I would have wished him the sad/happy big 50.