Friday, January 15, 2010

Congressman Owens Supports the Public's Right to Know

Congressman Bill Owens Applauds Adoption of “72 Hour Rule” for Healthcare Legislation
Washington, DC – This week, Congressman Bill Owens joined a number of colleagues in requesting from House leadership that major healthcare legislation moving through Congress be available online for 72 hours before coming to the floor for a vote. “We believe that a 72 hour period for review is crucial before voting on a proposal as sweeping and impactful as health care reform legislation,” the letter read. Congressman Owens made the following statement on the recent announcement that this request was being granted:

“Having the healthcare bill available online for 72 hours before bringing it to the floor for a vote will ensure that Members of Congress, the media and our constituents will have the opportunity to review this comprehensive legislation and become familiar with its full impact,” said Owens. “I remain encouraged that attempts to make healthcare available to more Americans and reign in healthcare costs are moving forward, and I look forward to reviewing the final bill to ensure that it serves the people I represent.”

Congressman Owens is a Member of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Homeland Security. This is his first term in Congress.

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