Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prison Closure will impact the North Country

Statement from Sen. Aubertine regarding Proposed Prison Closures in Ogdensburg and Nearby Upstate Communities:

ALBANY (January 19, 2010)—“I’m deeply concerned by the proposal to close the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility and the effect it would have on our community. The fact is that these proposals for Ogdensburg and three other facilities will not even address this year’s budget concerns and still have a deep negative economic impact on the surrounding communities. Reversing this proposal has been at the forefront of my conversations today and will be throughout negotiations until it’s no longer on the table.”

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  1. State Prisons draw a lot of public "ire". It seems whenever our economy goes in the red, some of our lawmakers first reaction is to cut a chunk of the prison to keep the public content....