Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brown to Retire As County Treasurer

Three-term elected official uses retirement
to draw attention to frustrations with County

Nancy D. Brown, Jefferson County Treasurer since 2000, announced her retirement today after 11 years in office, making an emphatic plea for reform—calling attention to the lack of internal controls within county administration and excessive time lost attempting to resolve weakness’s in our system.

“I feel compelled to act now to shake up the system, rather than retire peacefully,” said Brown. “I hope that this will shed some light on the need for reform in how the Legislature and administration handle the county’s fiscal matters. These are my concerns and have been shared by independent auditors.”

“I believe this mismanagement has wasted and risked taxpayer dollars. I’ve never been one to go public with my issues, choosing instead to work within the system in place. However, I’ve seen too little progress and with just a year before I planned to not seek re-election, I believe my only option is to retire now, forgo my final year, and get the public’s attention,” she continues.

“I know that my staff has been with me in this effort and the county is left in very capable hands. My staff has been a source of great friendships and support over the years, as has been the many constituents I’ve been honored to serve. I hope that this abrupt decision will get the attention of the Legislators and administration,” she said.

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