Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Every Working Man and Woman Needs to Watch This!

The Man, Myth and Walking Legend
Ernie Labaff tells the story of the working man

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  1. The Republican Right is trying to eliminate the Middle Class in America:

    On Feb 1st 2011, I wrote on the Mayor’s Graham's blog that: A Middle-Class Revolution of far reaching implications, inspired by a 21st technology, Facebook, may have far reaching implications to every government on planet earth. Even in the United States one has to note that the ability to network and broker opinion to advocate for political changes that insure fairness to Middle and Working Class families is now on the table. It would be wise for the Political establishment of this Country to get the message out, that political unrest is not limited to foreign venues and could if conditions determine, provide a radical solution for everyday Americans.

    Civil disobedience here in large numbers could take place, as a way to insure fairness in government to all our citizenry. We all have a stake in the economy of America and the government has to stop acting like the people who pay taxes in the Middle and Working classes are minor players in the American dream.

    In just two week’s time: the head of the AFSCME International President, Gerald Mcentee spoke to a crowd of 15,000 people, five days ago in Madison, Wisconsin and said, "In Wisconsin we're smart enough to know the truth. We know what this is all about. It's about breaking the back of the middle class," The people, Union and Non-Union alike let out a roar that will be heard around America for labor and the right to collective bargaining. State Law makers were driven across the State line to avoid the wrath of a Governor in Madison, Wisconsin that wanted them to vote the elimination of right to Collective Bargaining before they could even discuss changes in the State's 'Collective Bargaining' agreements

    The pace of the political drama’s unfolding around the World, in places like the Middle East and America are breath taking in their implications to the stability of all nations here on our small planet. The era of budget cuts in America, after the great ‘Wall Street’ rip off, is now where it should have been all along, on the Middle Class front burner. The Middle-Class is trying to hold onto its wallet, while Government tries to pick it clean of the few bucks left in it to support their families. Don’t let them. Support Unionism and the right to hold on to ‘Collective Bargaining,’ the Union struggle for justice and fair wages is our fight. Don’t be fooled, we can’t go it alone, we need organized labor as never before to fight our fight, “Fair and decent wages for the Workers of America.”

    Mike Flynn ‘Middle-Class Mike’