Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents day!

Here's a video that we hope inspires all those budding community leaders out there to push this state and Country in the right direction. Have a great day!


  1. “A Political Party is as relevant as the opportunity for a better life its policies can create for our citizens.”

    Mike Flynn Middle-Class Mike

  2. “A Political Party is as relevant, as the opportunity for a better life; its policies can create for our citizens.” Mike Flynn MCM

    The Republican Party has been confronted with its own character defects, and gone for the ‘Nuclear Option in Wisconsin; stealing the right to 'Collective Bargaining' awayfrom the workers of Wisconsin:
    A) Deflecting anything Wisconsin Democrats advocated or proposed as wrongheaded, but having no right headed suggestions of their own to counter with to improve our lives, Republicans elected to go to war against Public Unions in Wisconsin.
    B) Republicans still have to answer for the Corporate and Banking sponsorship of their past campaigns and the resultant post election legislation that deregulated the banking industry to rob the nation of its solvency. The Corporations and Banks, Republicans serve have no interest in investing in America. Or correcting the housing or health insurance crisis that America is mired in today. Before Pres. Obamas 'Obamacare is implemented, they and their Corporate sponsors, can still make money off a healthcare system that’s twice as expensive as any other health care system in the Western World. And it's made that way by the corrupt 'Insurance Groups,' that fight to promote a system the forces average Americans who lack healthcare through employment at a Company providing afordable coverage into bankruptcy, by running up the cost of ‘pay as you go healthcare' throughout our nation.
    C) Today in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Party displayed a lack of belief in Democracy, as a philosophy that preaches freedom and not just the acquisition of riches to a few. Can Capitalism exist independent of Democracy? Republicans are acting like that notion intrigues them at this time in history. Republicans are advocating for a cult of leadership, as personified by a guy like Newt Gingrinch and his supporters the Koch Brothers. They treat Americans like the great unwashed masses, and feel they have an obligation to tell what to do with their lives. At the same time there is little these Conservative Republicans feel average Americans have to offer America, or the selfish policies they pursue at this time.

    I choose to be a Democrat and an advocate of ‘Collective Bargaining,’ because my contribution is not only valued, it speaks to the nature of every ones universal right to a better life, and the individual liberty that makes it worth living in the final analysis.

    Mike Flynn 'Middle-Class Mike'