Saturday, January 22, 2011

President Obamas address from Jan 22nd 2011

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  1. A Symphony for freedom:
    Making access to American markets conditional to Americans gaining fair access to Chinese markets, is the single most important way to pressure China into constructive actions to liberalize their society. When the Chinese leadership can con America into thinking human rights in China is none of our business we have a real problem. For China to say it’s strictly a Chinese domestic issue of no concern to Americans is a boldfaced lie. If America buys into that lie we have all suffered a diplomatic defeat that affects one third of the world’s population in China. For this reason alone President Obama and the American people have every right to get tough on trade with the Chinese. We must force the Chinese government to open their markets to our goods and to end their currency manipulations which make us less competitive in their markets as well as, our own domestic markets against their product.

    Encouraging American creativity and unleashing it to create new American product lines can only make a difference if American Corporations, can find markets to sell their manufactured goods into as a result of fair trade agreements. We have to fight now to open world trade, so that American genius is rewarded once again and we can raise the standard of living of people here at home. The ability of Americans to educate their children and to have an economically viable existence, because jobs exist in this country is what American diplomacy needs to be about. President Obama we look to you for leadership in creating fair and open markets for American Corporations to improve our standard of living.

    It will take a Symphony of creative genius to move the economic engine of these United States into high gear. How we as a nation seemed to lose the forward momentum that gave our people a standard of living that was the envy of the World seems be a story that goes unreported. As if by design agreements such as NAFTA and trade agreements with Japan, and China, flawed in design and so unfavorable to American manufacturers, that a less vibrant and economically dominant America was a natural consequence of the very political maneuvering that hatched such agreements in the first place.

    It's as if World leaders had gotten together and said to our past Presidents, you’re just too darn successful and we can’t compete, and you’re just going to have to strive to be more mediocre. An anti success message was put in place, that implied deficit trading was acceptable. Now we see that economic dominance held in the hands of a Country like China, that doesn’t even grant its people freedom of descent, lacks any validation for humanity. Yes, a stable China is of course beneficial to the whole world, as 1.3 billion Chinese are to large extent crucial to world peace and must have food and housing available to them.

    Is our leadership being honest with us, or the human rights activist in China, when we attempt to validate a system that’s repressive to that very population? The engines of repression at home in China are made ever more efficient by modern technologies? In a Country that practices repression on its own people, communication amongst that repressed population is vital. Facebook has recently shown this in Egypt, etc. We know this to be true from the survivors of the Gulags in the Soviet Union. Our failure to send the people of China a clear message that we stand by their aspirations to democratize their society was major failure. President Obama will eventually come to see this in his post Presidency reflections.

    Mike Flynn 'Middle-Class Mike'