Thursday, January 6, 2011

Local Reaction to the Governor's Speech

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    Governor Cuomo looked down from the mountain into the belly of Albany’s Assembly and set a tone for the future that will be heard echoing in each member's ears for years to come. Without apology he said things would be different, cleaner, less devisive and more hopeful. When I heard him last August on the campaign trail, I took the measure of this man and what impressed me most is he knew what needed to be done then and restated it a hundred times forcefully today.

    I was proud of the new Governor and yes, I was in awe of the forcefulness of his conviction, and I think the smart money crowd cheered him on with glee. It wasn’t a bunch of battle hardened Politico’s going along to get along; it seemed more like everyone was able to take a breath of fresh air that filled their lungs up with hope for the future.

    Andrew Cuomo gave some people hope today who weren’t voters. They were people who had been elected to serve the voters of New York State and it seemed that we were all just a little stronger and just a little more ready to face the huge challenges economic hard-times will require.

    Good luck Governor Cuomo, you make us proud to be part of something honest and clean, in a State that has been a beacon of light to our great country over the course of America’s history.

    Mike Flynn
    Middle-Class Mike

  2. All the local GOPers praise the Guv, but with an odd twist. They agree but only because what he proposes is what they and their side wants proposed. It's as if his words were what they wanted him to say since that's what they ran on - in short: he got their message.

    My, my what a spin machine we have down there.