Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Second Time This Week Aubertine Shows and Ritchie Ducks Debate

Darrel Attends Public Forum Expecting
To Talk Issues with the Public and His Opponent –

Public Showed, Moderator was There,
Darrel Was There, Only Problem:
Opponent Didn’t Show

State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine tonight again stood before the people of Northern New York ready to discuss the issues that matter to our families at a candidate forum arranged by the North Side Improvement League.

And for the second time in three days, Patty Ritchie stood up debate organizers and the public by simply not showing up. This was the same Patty Ritchie who failed to show for a planned League of Women Voters debate in Canton – the only planned debate in St. Lawrence County.

“We can’t figure out why Patty Ritchie is hiding, or what exactly she is hiding from,” said Drew Mangione. “Is she aware that Senators have to answer tough questions from the media, speak in public and even defend bills on the floor of the Senate. It’s part of their job. In addition, it’s also their responsibility to be responsive to the people and open to the public.”

The North Side Improvement League received commitments from Sheriff John Burns and his opponent, Senator Aubertine and Patty Ritchie to attend the event, which was simulcast on and, and attended by local media along with more than 100 in the crowd who supplied the questions.

Sen. Aubertine was asked about healthcare, gun rights, farm labor, and even the gubernatorial race. A common refrain in the questions asked was, “I wish I could have asked Patty this question, but I’ll ask Senator Aubertine…” As always, Senator Aubertine was there, ready and willing to discuss the issues.

“This election is an important election, as every election is,” Darrel said. “I’ve been proud to represent all of you and to work toward achieving our goals and our interests. The number one issue in this race is jobs and strengthening our economy. That’s what I’ve worked to do in protecting jobs and services at Mercy here in Watertown and just up the road at Ogdensburg Correctional Facility. It’s what I’ve worked to do with Power for Jobs, Energize New York and Green Jobs/Green New York. I’ve worked to earn your trust and I’m here today to keep it.”

When asked where Patty Ritchie was tonight, moderator Charlie Bolio said, “She sent us emails today saying that she would be here. I ran into Darrel a few weeks ago and he made the commitment that he would be here tonight, and he followed through on his commitment.”

Members of the audience were also off-put by Mrs. Ritchie’s absence, as Al Drake, County Legislator from Theresa said “This seems like this is a good forum to get your ideas out there, I guess she had something more important to. But this should take priority.”

John O’Driscoll, also of Theresa, said “She was at the same event as a Sherriff candidate earlier today and he made it tonight, I don’t understand why she couldn’t make it here to talk to us.”

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  1. I guess there is no debating it, Aubertine is clearly the best candidate for state senate.