Monday, October 18, 2010

Aubertine in Canton to Meet with Voters, Ritchie Absent

Senator discusses the Issues
with voters in Canton
without Opponent
who Skipped Opportunity

State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine followed through with his commitment to attend a planned debate here in St. Lawrence County, which had been intended to be a debate with his opponent, however, he was the only one who showed up to talk to voters.

“This was an opportunity to discuss the issues central to this race with the people of St. Lawrence County and I was not going to pass on this chance to talk about the issues,” Darrel J. Aubertine said. “It’s unfortunate my opponent did not take this opportunity to discuss the issues in a public forum, but regardless, I believe it is important to speak directly to the voters and the media to show where we stand to voters in St. Lawrence County.”

The Senator agreed to debate at SUNY Canton with an independent community organization. However, even after his opponent refused to take this opportunity the Senator chose to move ahead with the forum at Room 212-214 at the Campus Center with local media in attendance. Sen. Aubertine in each of his campaigns has never passed up debates in St. Lawrence County.

“This really highlights Patty Ritchie’s refusal to answer the difficult questions from the people of St. Lawrence County,” said Drew Mangione, campaign spokesman. “The people of St. Lawrence County deserve this opportunity and this begs the question: Why would she duck this any chance to talk to people in St. Lawrence County?”

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