Sunday, October 24, 2010

First She Flips For Paladino, Now Patty Flops As Election Nears

Ritchie on Record for Months
Supporting Paladino’s Disastrous Fiscal Plan,
Now, as Carl Falters,
She Can’t Decide Who or What She Supports

Just 9 days before the election, Patty Ritchie is waffling on her support of the Paladino agenda, despite publicly supporting his agenda for months and collecting more than 4000 signatures to join him on his ballot line.

“Ritchie had no problem running on Paladino’s message of cutting healthcare for struggling families and slashing education, but now as her campaign flounders, she just woke up to realize how bad this reckless plan would be for Central and Northern New Yorkers?” said Aubertine Campaign spokesman Drew Mangione. “Does anyone really believe that? After tying herself to Paladino, promoting his ideas, creating a sham ballot line with him and using his talking points, suddenly she’s ‘uncertain’
of where she stands.”

Patty Ritchie shares two party lines with Carl Paladino and has publically supported his fiscal approach. Now, with just over a week until Election Day, she is questioning his reckless cuts, his fiscal plan and his mental state while offering little in the way of clear statements on what she does support.

“This last minute waffle on the basic premise of her campaign raises so many questions, most notably does she actually know what she wants to do in Albany?” asks Mangione. “And if she no longer supports the disastrous Paladino plan, what exactly does she stand for?”

In the past two years, Darrel Aubertine has saved thousands of jobs while taking a responsible approach to closing the budget deficits. He has voted to hold the line on education funding and to rein in Medicaid costs. He has also approved cuts in spending, while he has rejected onerous tax increases, like the Soda Tax. But the cuts Darrel has supported have allowed health care for struggling families and the elderly and education for our children to still exist, meeting the basic needs of the people of Central and Northern New York.

For months, it has been clear that Carl Paladino’s drastic approach would severely damage education and health care, but while Paladino was moving up in the polls and gaining traction, Ritchie had no problems being aligned with him. Now, as his campaign falters, Ritchie suddenly doesn’t agree with Paladino, raising questions about whether she is another politician willing to do or say anything to get elected.

“With this very high-profile flip-flop, Patty Ritchie is sounding more and more like the Albany politicians that convinced her to run in the first place,” Mangione concludes. “With her support of Paladino hurting her, she is following her Long Island handlers who are instructing her to drop her support for Paladino. Where is her moral compass?”

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