Friday, October 22, 2010

The battle for the 48th Senate District

Have you knocked a door? If not get out and let our neighbors know how much we appreciate Darrel. Come to the HQ's tomorrow morning, get a packet and let put this in the history books as a win for the North Country!

The fight for the 48th Senate District is one of those hotly contested races. Depending on who wins the seat could mean a shift in power for the Senate.

NORTH COUNTRY, N.Y. -- The race for the 48th Senate District has cost both parties a pretty penny. In recent days, Senate Republicans have given Patty Ritchie $330,000 in an attempt to win back the seat and Senate Democrats have dumped $350,000 in to Senator Darrel Aubertine's campaign to defend it.

"I think people pay a lot of attention to races like this in regions of the state like this," Aubertine said.

Even more so in this race, where polls have actually placed Ritchie up three points, but within the margin of error. Defending this seat is a tough task for Democrats, with Republicans outnumbering them by more than 30,000.

"The way you defend a seat like this is you do your job. And you represent everyone. You don't represent one political stripe or another," Aubertinie said.
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