Thursday, June 3, 2010

Petitions are Packed and Ready to Roll

Petitions and Pop
A Hard Nights Work but Well Worth the Effort!

The North Country Democrat and the Jefferson County Democratic Party would like to thank all the volunteers that helped out tonight with collating and processing the numerous petitions for our upcoming election cycle.

We want to apologize for not getting everyone in the shot but suffice it to say that everyone's help was very much appreciated.

Petitions for Congressman Bill Owens, Senator Darrel Aubertine, Assemblywoman Addie Russell, Sheriff John Burns and many more were divided into packets for all 22 Towns and the City of Watertown. We're looking forward to getting out and pressing some flesh so keep an eye out for us out there.

If you'd like to help walk a district we'd love to hear from you. Our office is open most afternoons and evenings. We can be reached by email at or by calling our Watertown office at (315) 788-4590.

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