Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come Enjoy the Evening with Assemblywoman Russell and the Watertown Wizards

Tonight (6/19) at 7PM at Duffy Field in Watertown its Addie, Baseball and Ice cream. The idea is to have fun and accumulate some campaign funds for Assemblywoman Addie Russell. Everyone is welcome and invited. As the Watertown Wizards play the Cooperstown Hawkeyes our talented Assemblywoman will be scooping up at least 200 free ice cream cones for all the kids in attendance. Many of you have received advance tickets, and some of you have sent in your payment already. Thanks. We appreciate it and we are looking forward to seeing you. If you did receive those ticket(s) in the mail and haven’t sent your check yet we have another plan. Just use the ticket you got in the mail to get in the ballpark and then contribute to the campaign over at our ice cream station on the third base side. If you didn’t received advance tickets please come to the ballgame anyway pay the admission and have a good time and a contribution to Addie’s campaign would be deeply appreciated. All contributors to the campaign get a special ice cream sundae for themselves and the family members that arrived with them. Lets all root, root, root for the Wizards and Addie.

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