Friday, June 4, 2010

Brian McGrath Kicks Off His Run for the 122nd Assembly District

Gridlock and scandal plague our politics from Albany to Washington DC. While hard working people struggle with the specter of watching generations-old family farms go under.

Brian McGrath is a political outsider who is not part of the broken system, but instead a successful attorney with experience helping people and businesses solve complex problems. Brian has the fresh ideas and energy to change the way state government is working, or not working, for North Country families.

Brian knows that government can't create jobs, but only gets in the way without the right leadership. Brian will fight wasteful spending and burdensome taxes to help create better conditions for farms, small businesses and industry, which means a brighter economic future for us all.

We need a political outsider to fight for us; for the public interest, and not the special interests. Brian McGrath has the skills, energy, and passion to be the fighter the North Country needs

To see more on Brian's campaign check out his web site by clicking HERE.

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