Friday, June 4, 2010

Now That Was Some Parade!!

A Truly Great Day for the North Country

This evening the Jefferson County Dairy Parade took place along Washington St and what a Parade it was!! There were over 50 entrants in the parade not to mention the several school bands, FFA from Carthage NY, over a hundred Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts from across the Longhouse Council, numerous reconditioned tractors and many floats from other farm based organizations from all over the North Country.

One that really shocked the crowd was the immense size of some of the Farm equipment in the Parade. Some of the combines had to stand 20 feet tall and easily spanned most of the width of Washington st.

Our Committee marched with John Burns tonight and we can tell you that there is no doubt that the City of Watertown supports Sheriff Burns. The reaction to our team was thumbs up and many shouts of "He's our man" and "He's got my vote!".

Another person that was received with open arms was our Senator, Darrel Aubertine. Senator Aubertine was driven in a classic Corvette to the reviewing stand and what a reception he received. Senator Aubertine is truly the guardian of our farming families and the crowd showed it.

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