Monday, March 29, 2010

This Video tells it all about Senator Aubertine

Community Update with Senator Darrel Aubertine

We want to congratulate Senator Aubertine for taking care of the real issues affecting all of us here in the North Country. This video was produced by the NY State Senate. In 2008 the Republicans taped 383 public access cable shows such as this while the Democrats taped only 28. This year Republicans have produced 27 cable shows versus 14 for the Majority. We applaud the Minority and Majority for producing high quality productions that highlight the meat and potato issues that we are all struggling with. This is Senator Aubertine's first video and we look forward to more in the future! Keep'em coming!!


  1. Nope, your time is up, time for a new face.

  2. A campign video at taxpayers expense again - turn all current office holders out - change the diaper!