Monday, March 1, 2010

Making a Big Splash for River Hospital

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Judges for the 2010 River Hospital Polar Bear Dip

Sean Hennessey (Chairman, JCDC), Johnny Spezzano (Radio Personality), Terry Robb (Mayor Alexandria Bay), John Burns (Sheriff, Jefferson County NY), Jeff Nelson (WWNY) , Tom Hanley (WPBS), Martha Zimmer (Mayor, Clayton NY) and so many others came to Alexandria Bay today to help raise funds and awareness for the River Hospital in Alexandria Bay, NY. It was standing room only (other than the Judges above) at the Bonnie Castle Resort. Don Cole and all the staff at the resort made the day so pleasant. Another thing that made the day so pleasant was the weather. Jeff Cole and Jeff Nelson, from WWNY, can be thanked for offering up a great forecast for the day. Sunny and 37 degrees was the forecast and it hit that and then some. (Yes, it was 37 degrees but the water was a frosty 30. )

Contestants who raised over $100 were allowed to jump in the cold St. Lawrence, and from where the Judges were sitting... the spray was mighty COLD!!! Many of the jumpers were decked out in full regalia with costumes ranging from Evil Knievel to Sonny and Cher (right). Some contestants jumped with not much more than their birthday suit. Belly Flops and Back Flips were the choice of many, with some taking the more generic feet first approach.

The day was quite a success with tens of thousands of dollars being raised for River Hospital. Karen Peters truly deserves to be thanked for all that she does to organize this annual event. People like Karen Peters, Don Cole and the staff of the River Hospital is what keeps our North Country Community great!

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