Friday, March 12, 2010

Owens Introduces Legislation to Increase Transparency in Congress

WASHINGTON, Mar 11 - Congressman Bill Owens today introduced legislation that would require all proceedings on the U.S. House floor and in committee hearings to be available to the American public on the internet.

“Upstate New Yorkers, as well as all Americans, deserve transparency and openness from their representatives in Washington,” said Owens. “My resolution will ensure that anyone can see exactly how their Member of Congress is representing them in Washington and that they are held accountable for their actions. This is an important step toward restoring full accountability to government, and I am proud of this legislation.”

H. Res 1166 is set to be considered by the House of Representatives in the coming weeks, and would direct the Clerk of the House of Representatives to establish and implement a process under which members of the public may view the proceedings of the House and its Committees online.


  1. This nothing new:





    5. and about all the money they rake in

    Under the table deals are what we need to know about - not more grandstanding like this about things already on the table.

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