Monday, August 16, 2010

NYS AFL-CIO Endorses Cuomo, 'Fought For Middle Class'

Today, the 2 ½ million member New York State AFL-CIO endorsed the candidacy of Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York State. President Denis Hughes praised the Attorney General's record of fighting for the middle class against monied interests.

"We look forward to those principles following him to the Governor’s Mansion," Hughes said.

“Particularly during these difficult economic times, I look forward to that opportunity and the chance for labor to play a role in the rebuilding and revitalization of this great state,” Hughes said.

The endorsement took place at the State Labor Federation’s biennial political convention, held at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York. More than 400 delegates, representing local unions, labor councils and area labor federations throughout the state were in attendance.

Following the endorsement, Cuomo released this statement:

"Today’s endorsement is a major step forward in building our broad coalition to bring change and reform to state government. I deeply appreciate the support of the hard working union members of the state of New York. We share the goal of creating good jobs in all regions of the state and across a diverse range of fields.”

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