Monday, August 23, 2010

Donovan Diverges With Lazio On Mosque (Updated)

Here’s yet another example of how disjointed the New York Republicans are this year.

Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, the lone GOP AG candidate, said he disagrees with the party’s gubernatorial designee, Rick Lazio, in his call for Democrat Andrew Cuomo to investigate the (as yet anemic) funding stream for the mosque proposed for construction near Ground Zero.

Donovan’s comments came during an interview this morning with The Post’s Fred Dicker on TALK 1300-WGDJ-AM. Dicker noted that barely any cash has been raised to date for the project and asked: “Do you see something there that should be investigated that hasn’t been?

“Yeah, not that I see. You know, again I saw you on ‘Good Day New York’ this morning on Channel 5, Fred. Great piece. And as you pointed out, no money’s been raised yet so I don’t know what there is to investigate.”

“But I have never had a discussion about the mosque situation with Mr. Lazio so I don’t know where- what he’s thinking in that area and why he’s calling upon the attorney general. He just never discussed it with me.”

Donovan has declined to endorse Lazio for governor, even though both he and the former Long Island congressman landed the GOP’s official nod at the convention in June. The DA hasn’t endorsed Lazio’s primary opponent, Carl Paladino, either, but, like many Republicans, he appears to be hedging his bets until after the Sept. 14 election…just in case.

UPDATE: Donovan campaign spokeswoman Virginia Lam noted that sitting DAs are barred by the ethical rules of the state DAs Association, which Donovan used to head, from making political endorsements. On the mosque, she said:
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