Thursday, August 5, 2010

Did you know that New Yorkers pay nearly the highest energy costs in the nation – 61%
above the national average for homes, and fully 65% above average for businesses?

These costs are outrageous, especially when so many families are struggling to pay their bills and so many New Yorkers are out of work because businesses can’t afford to hire.

We have to fix this mess to get New York’s economy back on track.

Andrew Cuomo’s Power NY Agenda offers the commonsense energy solutions we need to jumpstart our state. This comprehensive new plan will lower energy costs and create jobs – while also taking important steps to improve the environment.

Why is energy so expensive in New York? Because we’ve let challenges pile up while delaying crucial solutions:

New York has a complex energy bureaucracy that divides responsibility between 20 different entities.

We need to invest in our power infrastructure, more efficient technology, and renewable energy.

Our state is experiencing high levels of “transmission congestion” that stops NY electricity customers from buying power from the least expensive producers.

Andrew Cuomo's Power NY Agenda will take on these challenges and make sure that New York leads the nation once again.

Learn more about Andrew’s plan to recharge New York's energy policy.

Energy is one of the keys to revitalizing our economy. Let’s make sure we get it right.

Thanks for your support,

Andrew Cuomo 2010

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