Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Stand United In 2010

Andrew Works For Me......& You
The NYS Democratic Convention was an incredible experience and one that shows you the unity of the Democratic Party in 2010. The buzz on the floor is that we will change the same old policies of yesterday and renew our pledge to turn the ship towards a bright future for all New Yorkers.

One thing that impressed the Jefferson County Delegation was the energy level of delegates from across the NY State. If anyone questioned the passion and dedication of NY's Democrat delegation all they have to do is watch this video.

The video was shot just after Andrew Cuomo accepted the nomination as the Democratic Candidate for Governor of NY. The party is in the word of our great President Barack Obama

"Charged up.....and ready to go"!!
Andrew's speech was incredible and all in attendance were taken by his candor and passion to make our state once again the true Empire State. As Andrew mentioned "It will be difficult" yet with all of us pushing for a more progressive and inclusive NY we can truly reach that great goal.

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