Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Message From Sean Coffey for AG

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo last week launched an investigation into whether eight of the most powerful banks on Wall Street misled credit agencies in order to get better ratings for the mortgage-based securities they were selling to investors. Watch me on Bloomberg TV talk about why fundamental reform of the way credit agencies do business is necessary, and why it is important for New York's next Attorney General to understand how Wall Street works.

This is a central issue for the next Attorney General – and as my record shows, I am the most qualified, prepared and willing to root out corruption in our complex financial system. I am ready to deliver for you.

I also hope you’ll check out my interview on NY1 where I lay out ideas for equipping the next Attorney General with the tools to prosecute corrupt lawmakers more freely and effectively. I want to fight for the things in Albany that I fought for on Wall Street – transparency and accountability. Like you, I’m profoundly disappointed in the inability of our elected leaders to tackle the significant problems facing New York. I am running because we need new ideas, new voices and new leadership in Albany.

This campaign belongs to you – and all the hardworking families I meet every day as I travel across this great state. Would you consider a small donation of $50, $25 OR EVEN $5? Also, join the conversation on Facebook – tell me what you’re hearing, what you think and stay informed about events and updates as they happen.

Thank you again for your continued support. If you’re as excited about this campaign as I am, FORWARD this email to your friends, ASK them to sign up for these emails, and JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK to stay connected.

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