Saturday, September 24, 2011

North Country Pulls Out Win at JD Convention

Rural Counties Unite to
Protect Judicial Seats

Pictured are (L/R)
Ron Cole, Sandra Cole, Patrick Young,
Ted Ford, Ed Gaffney, Jackie Schell,
Doris McLallen,
Jefferson County Chair Sean Hennessey
and Onondaga County Chair
Vita DeMarchi

Today delegates from Rural Counties in the 5th Judical District converged on the Onondaga County Democratic Committee Headquarters for the holding of the Democratic nomination of Supreme Court Judges.  

In the room were delegates from Herkimer, Onieda, Lewis, Jefferson, Oswego and Onondaga.  All of which had traveled to Syracuse to voice support for a unified ticket moving into Novembers election.

(L-R) Sandra Cole- Alternate,
Ron Cole - Delegate/Legislative Candidate
and Ted Ford - Delegate.

First and formost on the minds of North Country Delegates was push to forge a united front in efforts to ensure that those Candidates from with open judicial seats be given every oportunity to retain those seats.  Once we entered the Convention, it was clear that this was a concern that was held by all in attendance.
 It took a good few hours to work out the specifics but at the end of the day the delegates agreed to list Charlie Merrell (Lewis) and Patrick McRae (Oneida) the first and second position on the ballot.  This will give those candidates first crack at voters on November 8th. 

Judge Charlie Merrell (Lewis County)
thanks the Delegates for their support
A great debt of gratitude is owed to judicial candidates David Magnarelli and Tom Buckle.  Both candidates went above and beyond today to ensure that Lewis and Oneida have the best possible positition on the ballot come election day.  Residents of the 5th Judicial district also owe a big thank you to Watertown NY attorney Mike Schell.  Mike was a main organizer of the home rule push and was a true leader in the protection of those open seats.

Today was a proud day for members of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee.  From the begining, the JCDC has been on the front line of the fight for home rule and with the results of todays convention our efforts will be felt for generations to come. 

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