Friday, September 2, 2011

Disalvatore Castigates SUNY Canton Plan

Disalvatore Calls SUNY Cost Cutting Plans;
Short Sighted and Ineffective
Joe Kennedy is the Leader that SUNY needs to follow

Carl Disalvatore, Candidate for Jefferson County legislature and instructor at SUNY Canton, believes that the growth of SUNY Canton can be directly attributed to the leadership and vision of its leader Joe Kennedy. In a press release Disalvatore stated:

I have been teaching both part and full-time at SUNY Canton since 2006 when the new Legal Studies program was under development. This program is a good example of Dr. Kennedy’s leadership. The Business Department found that there were about 13 or more 2 year degree producing programs in the SUNY system, but no 4 year bachelor’s degree program in legal studies.

The U.S. Department of Labor identified paralegals as a fast growing job category with an employer preference for individuals with a four year degree who had more developed analytical and writing skills. Under Dr. Kennedy’s direction the program was developed and approved by SUNY and there are now over 100 students. Since the time I began working at SUNY Canton at least 6 more bachelor degrees programs have been approved and each year set new enrollment records.

Again drawing on my personal experiences I was asked to learn to instruct online as well as develop online courses. Well, I’m an over 50 year old “old dog” and I expressed considerable reluctance to try this. However, under the encouragement and tutoring of the exceptional people recruited by Dr. Kennedy to run the online learning department. I find this meets the need of a large number of single mothers as well as working parents who can complete the assignments on their time. Drawing these students from all over the state into these SUNY Canton programs helps them increase their earning potential as well as enriches the classes for all the students who participate.

I’ve told Dr. Kennedy he gives Ph.D.’s a bad name, as he breaks the mold of the stereotypical Ph.D “egghead” with his energy, enthusiasm, astute business sense, as well as his dedication not only to the college, but to the people of the State of New York.

About 5 years ago in a social setting I broached the subject of SUNY consolidations as to an outsider like me it looked like a logical cost cutting step. His response was very insightful, as he told me that the minimal savings in salaries will be more than offset by the loss of identity of the schools and the resultant loss of the support of alumni, both financial and moral. As I learned over the years, this is in fact true, and this loss of identity and support is now being played out. Those years ago he said, just give me a budget cut goal and I’ll meet it, but there is no advantage to consolidation. I came to realize the accuracy of his response to me.

Dr. Kennedy’s insight and leadership is needed now more than ever in the SUNY system.

Carl Disalvatore

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