Saturday, August 20, 2011



Need to keep up pressure is stressed

Members of Communication Workers of America (CWA) and their supporters have been walking a picket line here in the North Country and across the State for over two weeks.
Assemblywoman Addie Russell, Chairman Sean Hennessey, Legislative candidates Carl Disalvatore & Ron Cole ,County Legislator Allen Drake, former Jefferson County Treasurer Nancy Brown and members of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee have all been honored to help walk the line. Today some of our team was on hand when word came down the line that CWA members will be returning to work this Tuesday.

“To be on the line when this historic moment happened was something I'll never forget. When word came to the line and we saw the smiles on those sun drenched faces truly moved our team.” Jefferson County Democratic Chairman Sean Hennessey said.

“These hard working men and women have walked in pouring rain and 90 plus degree weather but never gave up hope. We’re overjoyed to hear that negotiations will be taking place and that those hard working members of CWA will return to work. We’re extremely thankful to have been given a chance to voice our concern for working class families across this region. There is still work to be done until a fair contract is in place.” He said.

Chairman Hennessey added “Considering their record profitability, we call on the leadership of Verizon Communications to negotiate a contract that recognizes their employees as their most valuable resource. “

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