Friday, May 13, 2011

Commissioner Aubertine visits the North Country

Assemblywoman Addie Russell & Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush welcomed former Senator and current Commissioner for the New York State Department of Ag and Markets today to Jefferson Community College.

Commissioner Aubertine was in town to discuss the need to get everyday people involved in the discussion on how to move New York back in the right direction. During the speech the Commissioner outlined the Governors vision on a number of important topics that effect everyday people from across the region.

The one thing that is clear from the reaction of the crowd to Darrels entrance into the room was the North Country has a great respect for Darrel Aubertine. As he entered the room you could hear "Darrel!!" and "Commissioner!!" being shouted from across the room. The standing ovation lasted quite a while and everyone in the room, Democrat and Republican, expressed their appreciation for our former Senator.

The Governor couldn't have picked a better person to champion the push for change. Through out the speech it was clear that our elected state representatives understand the plight of their constituents and are ready to champion the cause for a better NY.

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