Friday, April 23, 2010

Dems "Give Us Our Money Back"

Local Dems of All Stripes Demand Levy Return
Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Past Contributions

New Group Will Unveil Online Grassroots
Effort to Recruit More Dems who Will
Ask Steve to: Give Us Our Money Back!!

Suffolk County Democrats who had donated to Steve Levy today launched a grassroots effort to demand that Democrat-turned-Republican Gubernatorial candidate refund their campaign contributions. The Democrats launched a new website and online outreach effort to recruit other Suffolk County Democrats to join their cause. The Democrats promised legal action if Levy does not return their donations immediately.

“Steve took their money and ran right in to the arms of the right wing. When you don’t get what you pay for, you ask for your money back and that’s what exactly they’re doing,” said Charlie King, Executive Director, New York State Democratic Committee

The group today launched, a website aimed at recruiting other Suffolk County Democrats who contributed to Levy’s County Executive campaigns having them ask for their money back.

Today, several loyal Suffolk County Democrats each sent personal letters to Levy asking that he refund their contributions. One letter wrote “You should have been honest with me, and all of your Democratic donors who gave you millions over the years, about how you planned to use our contributions. But you hoarded our money and are using it to support ideas and a vision for reform in Albany that we do not support. The last thing New York needs is another politician who isn’t up front and honest about how they spend their campaign contributions.”

The group promised legal action if Levy doesn’t refund their money immediately.

Levy has raised at least $4 million in his campaign fund while he was a Democrat, the vast majority coming from Suffolk County Democratic donors.

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