Saturday, December 17, 2011

Much Needed Housing is Coming to the Region and NY gets a second Major League Baseball team.

I know it's a bit late but here's some excerpts of Lt Governor Bob Duffy's trip to Watertown, NY last week. This was great news for our region.  Housing is a HUGE issue here in the North Country and this will lead not only to affordable housing for those in need but also a much needed increase in construction jobs for the region.  It's our hope that this will also lead to an increase in Union work at the site as well.

During the standing room only event, it was clear by all in attendance that much was done across party lines to get this project underway.  It was also very pleasing to see buisness mangers from various labor groups such as Carpenters and Plumbers and Steam fitters in attendance.  The Governor deserves kudos seeing the need North Country develoment. 

It's is particularly satifying to see our friends from organised labor at the table when public dollars are being invested in private development.   It's our hope that this public/private partership will lead to a lasting bond between those local devopers and area trade councels.  With Organized Labor and devolopers working hand in hand it's clear that the North Country has a bright future.   Thank you Governor Cuomo for your avid support for North Country progess!!

Below you'll find excerpts from the days events:

Just to give you a heads up on the Yankees hat being displayed in the video. The current Senator from the 48th District made an attempt at a joke when she nagged Command General Milley to switch sides as a Boston Red Socks fan to what the Senator referred to as "New Yorks Baseball Team" the New York Yankee's.N 

We think it's important to point out to the Senator that New York has two major league baseball teams.  The other being the New York Mets.  Many North Country residents are avid supporters of the NY Mets (Including former Senator Jim Wright (R) who was the MC of this event as well as current Democratic Chairman Sean Hennessey who were both in attendance) The Senator should understand that Met fans aren't fair weather friends and have a long memory.  They have to be since it the Mets only get to the play offs every decade or two. (our attempt at comedy)

That being the case we implore the current Senator to research this team and learn about supporting a team even when times are tough.

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