Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carl Disalvatore has something to say..

Carl Disalvatore's knows a thing or two about public service.  No matter if it's to County or Country Carl has served and continues to serve in many different ways.

We could go on and on about what Carl has done for Country but we thought you'd like to read it first hand. 

To do this you really need to go to Carl's NEW website.  Carl has been hard at work knocking doors, meeting with constituent groups and mingling with friends and neighbors.  This ground swell of support has turned Carl into something of a local celebrity. 

Carl's travels have been well documented and you can read about them on his website.  Carl's newest entry reads something like this:

 "What a beautiful sunrise this morning. High cottony clouds illuminated with pinks and purples. I was a part of the pulse of early morning Watertown at the corner of Paddock and Washington Streets. A lot of traffic on the road. A lot of polite drivers letting pedestrians cross the streets. No red light running. The cell phone users are getting sneaky keeping them in their laps out of sight – let’s not use cell phones in cars with so many children on the streets and a high level of traffic.

Thanks once again for the waves and accepting my flyer. Remember, you do have a choice on November 8!"

To follow Carl campaign and/or offer support check out his website at http://www.coloneldford12.com/ or by clicking HERE.  Now's the time to get involved so check it out today!!

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