Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day 2011!

Today is Earth Day and WOW h0w far we've come. Recycling programs have helped to re purpose vast amounts of products that we consume back into the magazines we read, the computer I'm typing on and countless other daily use items. Alternative energy sources have curbed millions of tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Simple things like switching from the incandescent bulbs to florescent have not only helped the environment but has also made a dent in the ever increasing invoice from National Grid. From tapping into land fills to pull Methane to the new breed of Hybrid vehicles we have accomplished much in the last decade.

These worthy programs have refocused our attentions on the need to conserve resources. As we've seen by the radical shift in global climate, our planet needs our help and it looks like we're finally starting to get it.

As Neil Armstrong made that historic first step...hopefully future generations will look back at our efforts as the first steps in a greener tomorrow. Have a great Earth Day!!
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