Thursday, December 9, 2010

White House White Board: Tax Cuts, Unemployment Insurance & Jobs


  1. Battleground: Why Democrats will win war of words and bounce back in 2012!

    The Democratic Party will court the Middle-Class, while Republicans evidently are going to deny that same Middle Classes existence over next two years. The economic needs of the Middle-Class are a political reality that won't go away. It is now clear that President Obama and Democratic Party will speak to needs of Middle and Working Class families, in order to reverse the 2010 election results. No sooner had the votes been counted then Republican and Tea-Party pundits, started to attack the notion that a 'Middle Class' even exists in America. For example: Mark Levine, the highly alienating host of his own radio talk show, disputes the very idea of a 'Middle-Class' in America, advocating instead, for Americans to view America as 'Classless,' and a place where equal opportunity is available to all Americans in pursuit of real Americans dreams, of economic success through private entrepreneurial activity. Levine feels as Americans, we can all own a business and write our own success stories. Levine's' assessment that as a result of the 2010 election in America, the cult of unbridled 'Capitalism,' unfettered by any concerns to let social programs like affordable, health care get to its people. The Republicans are out to reverse Obama's legislative agenda, and that has been the outcome of the 2010 election. If they had gotten control of the Senate it might have been a real possibility.

    The Republicans and Tea-Party members might merely have to continue voting 'NAY!" in Congress and the President could be voted out of office in the 2012 election. The remaining elected Democrats in the Senate and Congress will be totally neutralized and impotent to enact legislation that speaks to 'Middle and Working Class family’s needs for more disposable income. The fight to persuade the American Middle Class to vote either Democratic or Republican is on as of today for 2012. 'Property Tax Relief' and the need for more disposable income in the hands of the Middle-Class decides which side the Middle-Class picks in 2012. Critically important and simply stated, Middle and Working Class families, must be the target audience of any legislative offensive of the Democratic Party to win the 'hearts and minds' of these American Middle-Class voters.

    The 'Republican Right,' spear headed by right wing talk show hosts like Mark Levine will try to convince Americans that we are a Classless society and that the Middle-Class is no longer an economic reality. The denial of the economically wounded Middle-Class existence by the Right is fertile ground to get a Democratic message out that will reverse the set-backs of this election for the Democratic Party. These setbacks were bought on by a voting public that was not only frustrated by its economic plight, and still angry that our political leaders could not grasp that JOBS, were the number one priority of the Middle-Class to ensure their economic viability and individual liberties. Who can blame the 'Middle-Class for fighting to ensure its quality of life remains intact and that Democratic leadership finally gets the message to make it their top priority in the run up to 2012.

    Michael Flynn ’Middle-Class Mike'

  2. It's funny mike you talk of the middle class all the time.I don't think one post of yours has ever said anything about the poor.