Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sean Hennessey Re-Elected Chairman

I want to thank the members of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee (JCDC) for their unanimous support as Chairman at last nights bi-annual election of officers. As you know, some of the most important aspects of being a County Chairman are to rally the troops and elect representatives that work for everyone in our community regardless of station in life or party affiliation. I think if those points are what we use to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts then we have hit a home run for our North Country Community.

Day after day, as we walk in into our local grocery stores, libraries and shops we are reminded of why we spend those countless hours volunteering for a Congressman, Senator and Assembly members. It’s for the Sergeant just returning from Afghanistan, the Union member that stands up for safe working environments and the school teacher that nurtures our children’s goals and aspirations. It’s for those less fortunate and for those yet to achieve the American dream.

I have to say that I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of people to work with on the JCDC. I want to thank you all for your limitless support and encouragement throughout the years. It’s been an incredible journey and with your support we’ll continue to move the North Country forward.

Thank you,
Sean M Hennessey
Jefferson County Democratic Committee

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