Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Frank Discussion on New York's Future

Andrew Cuomo came to the Italian-American Club in Watertown this afternoon and spoke in front of a packed room of supporters. It was a great way for everyone to discuss critical changes that are needed in order to bring this State back to its' former glory.

Andrew's vision is clear....Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Conservatives need to band together and realize that business as usual can no longer be sustained. Our collective efforts and support are critical to make our struggling state, the Empire State once again.

Attorney General Cuomo pledged further cooperation and offered high praise and thanks for our North Country's current State Legislators. His words of praise for Senator Aubertine, Assemblywomen Russell and Scozaffava were high.

His words were not as laudatory when he spoke of some of the other state representatives,that are responsible for gridlock and corruption in our capitol. Much of his speech focused on the need to reform the States antiquated Financial Disclosure laws as well as strengthening States Ethics Oversight.

Much has to be done and much will be done with the help of Andrews Citizen Army. Please join the fight today and make tomorrow a bright future for all New Yorkers. Email us today at

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