Friday, December 4, 2009



Last night a number of members of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee and office staff from Congressman Owens, Senator Aubertine and Assemblywomen Addie Russell came together and spent their night raising funds for our local Public Television Station WPBS. The night was very successful for the station and to be honest it was really fun for the County Committee as well.

Our volunteers got to the station at 7pm and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house thanks to all the calls that Sandra Cole did to get our first “Discover the Meaning” project off to a roaring success for 2009. The overwhelming turn out by the County Committee showed that the Democratic Party not only talks about giving back to the community but we back it up with action.

Apparently word spread about the JCDC being on the air because we heard from a number of Democrats from across the County and Country. In fact one of our very own Young Democrats, Jason Miles, called in from California and donated $50 (and you thought you could get away with that with out anyone knowing) to WPBS and wanted nothing sent or praise given for this sizeable gift. People like Jason drove the message home about how much we care about local broadcasting and especially local public television.

As the night went on the shows got better and better and the hosts (Lynn and Tom) were as gracious as they could be. In fact the Committee was treated so well that the Jefferson County Committee is slotted for another phone bank session in the coming months.

The County Committee would like to thank Lynn and Tom for all their years of service and support of WPBS. They are very seldom thanked for all the time they put in to not only fundraising, but to bringing the best local programming to our North Country community. We also want to thank all the volunteers that came and made last night so successful. Some of the Volunteers included: Board of Election staff - Michelle Coulier, Patti Shaughnessy, and Carla Walker. We also had another young Democrat and current Antwerp Village Trustee Jonathan Cole with us in studio. The Town of Clayton was well represented by Gerald Hill, Elaine Foster and none other then River Town Democrats District Director Patrick Young. The Town of Rutland was also being represented by JCDC Chairman Sean M Hennessey as well as JCDC Secretary Sandra Cole. With the help of our local County Committee and our elected State and Federal Legislators we raised thousands for public television. Nothing makes the JCDC leadership prouder than to see so many Democrats with fire and dedication to their community.

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  1. Antwerp Village Trustee, not town councilman, but close enough lol