Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Jefferson County Democratic Committee will be spot lighting Union Labor from across our region and would greatly highly recomend using these Labor friendly Contractors for your construction needs. A full listing of Contractors can be found be clicking here.
One contractor that stood out was Lawman Heating and Cooling our of Sac
kets Harbor NY.
The Lawman name is well known in our community and has been servicing the North Country for generations. In fact Lawman was founded in 1978.
Lawman's web site states "Lawman believes in listening to its customer's needs, providing quality workmanship, realistic pricing and fast efficient service. We can provide complete turnkey projects from initial design to final turnover. With the seamless integration of our general construction, mechanical and electrical division, Lawman can successfully perform any construction projects regardless of its size or location".

Utilizing local contractors that are craftsman in their field keeps our neighbors working, keeps those dollars in the North Country and gives us a final product that generations can be proud of. The JCDC highly recomend Lawman and other
IBEW Local 910 Contractors for all of your construction needs.


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  2. This site is a work in progress so we'll try to work on the visual aspects of it. Thank you very much for the tips.